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June 17, 2007
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The Best of Skins by FlamingMetroidzd The Best of Skins by FlamingMetroidzd
Over the many months, I've settled into simple and effective over extremely flashy. Check it out. Winamp is up top for music that I'm usually always playing. Then you got the programs and playlists/radio stations on the side. I also have skins for Firefox and pidgin. I did have one for Thunderbird, but decided the default looks better then anything currently out. Also, I found that non-transparent Windowblinds skins were better when you wanted a faster computer.

Please keep in mind I did not help make any other these skins! They are just what I have collected over the years. With that, add in your favorite wallpaper, and you got a sweet looking desktop. Not to mention easy to navigate!

  • Windowblinds (Azenis 2): [link]

  • Pidgin (Clearlooks DarkNice): [link] (You have to install gtk+ to use the theme selector)

  • Winamp (Big Bento) - Comes with winamp. You can recolor it with the color editor [link]

  • Firefox (NASA Night Launch): [link]

Why Pidgin over Trillian? Quite simple, it was never getting updated... ever. The file transfers never worked either. What happened to Rainlender/Rainmeter? Rainlender got replaced by Thunderbird plugin and Rainmeter I never used.
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birdsivu Feb 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is beautiful. Sorry to be so brief but not much more for input, just beautiful. Okay, I love the lighting and what I assume is ray tracing. The blend of colors is spectacular!
Beautiful!! Love the aero blue/green glass, can you do it for Thunderbird? We need something like this for that also!! Gorgeous, I can't wait to download it!!
Hehe, just a screen shot. Never meant to imply I made the skins. Sorry... Certainly easy to find awesome skins as this though.
Awesome skin!
Would you mind noting me a link to download it, along with the Rainlender/rainmeter?
Sure, maybe I'll just post links in the deviation itself. I'll note you when I get em together.
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